Wednesday, September 13, 2017

DCC RPG Hurricane Harvey Relief Bundle from Goodman Games

With two major hurricanes rocking the southern United States, it would behoove me to mention the special charity promotion the good guys at Goodman Games are running.

The Harvey Relief Bundle is to benefit victims of Hurricane Harvey.
All proceeds will go to benefit the American Red Cross for Harvey recovery. The bundle is specially priced to contain three popular adventures at a discount of more than 70% off regular price! And all three modules have water encounters - exactly what your DCC RPG characters will want while Harvey is on their mind. 

The modules included are Dungeon Crawl Classics #67: Sailors on the Starless Sea A 0-Level Adventure, Dungeon Crawl Classics #75: The Sea Queen Escapes, and Dungeon Crawl Classics #91: Journey to the Center of Aereth, all for the low low price of $9.99!

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