Wednesday, January 31, 2018

(Kickstarter) Bugs: Into the Tunnels by Acheson Creations

I've got enough Kickstarters on my pending list, all finishing up right around Valentine's Day.  Then Acheson Creations throws another one out their with their 15mm Bugs: Into the Tunnels game rules, pewter figs, and resin tunnel sections.
The only thing that saved me from jumping in is the scale.  15mm is something that I've managed to avoid thus far, but the idea of 111 minis for $40 is certainly an enticing reason to start.

There's plenty of other games out there with Troopers taking starships to bug-infested planets and killing them, but this one seems a bit more practical, and the actual rules seem to plan out random tunnel creation for additional play time, as well as campaign play.

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