Wednesday, January 24, 2018

(Painting) OGRE GEV in Arctic Camo

The snow is melting here (for now), but I've started tinkering with the second largest collection of minis I've gotten in the past year:  The plastic OGRE Miniatures Set One.

Lots of paint the 40+ minis, as I delicately sort them out evenly to paint them two different schemes (and the OGREs a third scheme). 

I decided to try the GEVs as the test subjects, and in the scheme of Pinterest ideas that "evolve" when regular folk try them out, here's my first attempt at an arctic camo scheme... and first time with any camo at any scale:

For the example of what the GEV should look like, check out Too Mini.   

Next Up:  I cleaned up the work station yet again, snagged up some better brushes, but the list is still Middle-Eastern MDF buildings, a few accesories, and some camo-free OGRE minis. 

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