Wednesday, February 21, 2018

(Painting) More Middle Eastern Buildings and an Elaborate Mousehouse

When it comes to the blog, I'm a creature of habit.   RPG write-ups on Tuesdays, my Apathy of New Releases column on the 26th of every month, and I like to post the results of my painting on Fridays.  But the fact that I have more buildings "good enough to play with" is a small matter of pride.

Here are the third and fourth buildings from my Gamecraft Miniatures order.  I experimented with something for the top of the buildings.  It looks acceptable in person, and some sides are better than others when filmed.  They'll still display prominently in the Pulp game.

Both are 28MMDF020
 I also got the Amazon order I placed well before I had my accident.  Christmas instant-shipping they most certainly are not doing anymore.  Besides one of the My Little Pony RPG books, I grabbed one of the Pegasus Hobbies Ukrainian farmhouses on the cheap. 

A hefty piece of terrain, well painted, and will be the focal point of some upcoming Mousling games.

Next:  Hopefully a game or two! OGRE tanks getting the TSR treatment, those infernal treasure chests, and even a few gnomes!

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