Friday, February 2, 2018

Prescription Pill Bottle Prison for Sci-Fi

Throughout the internet are the Pinterest in Real Life memes:  Fabulous craft ideas or cooking recipes on Pinterest, compared to a picture of the results of someone who tried to recreate it.

So, with that in mind here’s an idea posted to the Rogue Stars Fan Page on Facebook.
Using a prescription bottle, milk cap (described as "from a milk in a McDonalds' Happy Meal"), and a few bits to make a cool sci-fi prison/holding chamber.

And here's my attempt:
Of course it looks nothing like the actual sample that they presented. To be honest, I used a huge pill bottle, McDonald's uses tiny "traditional" caps for their milks nowadays, and I offset those losses with a foot from an old bed frame.  It's a little cumbersome, but it sort of does the job.

And no, I don’t do stripes.  Truth be told, I remembered five different blog posts on painting yellow and black AFTER I finished. The good news is that my wife will provide me with a small constant supply to work on in the future.

NEXT: I’m slogging through those things that just... refuse... to be finished.  I'm working on all the Gamecraft buildings, big and small. There’s also some various fantasy accessories  to finish up, but my latest Kickstarter arrived in my mailbox yesterday:  A small team from the Legion of Steel Kickstarter Macrocosm ran. 
I regret not going bigger into this campaign, but Uscarl Miniatures might benefit from that since their Space Dwarves 28mm Kickstarter ends right around the time my tax refund should hit the bank.

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