Saturday, February 10, 2018

Project 350: Week Four Was a Really Bad Week

A full month of my Project is wrapped up, and all I can say is... good riddance!

We're down to eight more drafts/scheduled posts getting published by the end of this month to get down to the completely arbitrary 350.
Now, you'd think with two snowdays off from work, and only a single 8am basketball game this weekend, I would get something accomplished. 

But the two snowdays were the result of this...
In a week where I thought a Philadelphia victory would be the worst thing, reality said "Hold my beer" and started singing "Fly Eagles Fly" in a snowstorm. 

In a year with added responsibilities at work and year where I don't have bald tires in the month of February, I hit an icy patch while going slower than reduced speed limit and had a face to face encounter with Mr Guardrail.  

I'm okay... a little sore in random places, but okay.  Still waiting on the report from the adjuster, but with Suzukis and aftermarket parts, I'm planning on it getting totaled. 

Did I mention my wife's new car got t-boned in a parking lot the day before? 

The good news is we both have spiffy new rental cars, her car is already in the shop getting fixed, my wife is sending me sensible used cars throughout the day, and our tax return already hit.  Not the hunk of pretty painted metal I wanted with my portion of the return, but I'm not complaining.  

Mrs Viscount is working Sunday, and with a birthday party over 45 minutes away, there's a window in the morning that I'm actively finding time to play a game with the girls...  

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