Friday, February 23, 2018

Putin and One of His Russian Bots

I get enough random traffic from Russia as it is, let's see what this does to it....

Paint continues to be put to lead-free metal and plastic, but with a week with multiple hockey meet-and-greets for my wife and multiple basketball practices for the girls, the light at the end of the tunnel isn't getting any closer.

That being said, with an actual moment of peace and quiet, I pumped out two simple figures this week.

First off is Mr P, from the Brigade Games Post-Apocalyptic line.
Should have just stuck with the heavy wash for the eyes (the sculpt is accurately beady).

The other came from the Psi-Paladin and Techno Barbarian Kickstarter
Ironically, it's called a ComBot.

On the Project 350 front, I'm still hovering at 355, and with the knowledge that tomorrow's game day won't be associated with any of my projects, plus sports camps for Sunday, I'm going to call the effort a small bust. 
The regular battery of stuff sits on the work bench and the Pulp Game is ready to go.  I just need time (and perhaps a little serenity). 

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