Saturday, May 12, 2018

(Kickstarter) Roadside America

Roadside America is something I've mentioned on this blog before.   A still-surviving slice of Americana Highway tourism in the midst of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, it has been a regular stop for myself and my family since I was a wee tyke.

My eyebrows raised when the family decided to retire, and put the business up for sale.  A lot of questions were raised as to who could take it over, would it maintain the same classic set-up, and would anyone be crazy enought to do it.

One of the potential solutions has shown themselves, and put it up on Kickstarter.

A New Life for Roadside America is being conducted by three of the current employees of the attraction.  They bring up some practical points (such as the lifespan and maintanence on the 65-year old current location) while dreaming that the internet will help raise the $750,000 to purchase and move the display to a new location, closer to Reading.

Actually, part of me hopes tons of people donate a buck or two to help these guys continue the dream.  But part of me is also sad if Roadside America moves.  Well before that monstrosity of Cabellas opened outside of Hamburg, Roadside America served as a marker between Allentown and Harrisburg (Hershey Park specifically for me...)

I hope these guys the best, because I would hate to imagine my kids telling their grandkids about this cool attraction they went to when they were little... but now its gone.  

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