Monday, July 22, 2013

Historicon 2013: More Pics I Didn't Take, Part One

Despite having an official blog correspondent at Historicon for the second year in a row, there are numerous games that just fly under the radar.  While still from my self-imposed exile in Boston, here's a few of the "best of the best" pics, and the appropriate blogs I stole them from:

The Much Ooohed and Aaahed Pirate Game.  Then I heard they put this behind ropes.  What is this, Salute?

Pokemon Wargaming!

Little Wars in Proper Style

Wacky Car Racing

The Friday Gnome Game, with Our Intrepid Reporter, Mike Lung, hiding in the Background

The MBA Middle East Table *sigh*
The rest are on the other e-device, so I'll load them on a post for tomorrow when I get home....

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  1. The Friday game above, was really The Saturday morning game.