Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Spoils of Historicon 2019

Finally, a proper listing of the spoils from Historicon!

The flea market netted me only those two desert cliffs.  Sturdy and light, I probably should have bought more from them.

Huge minis:  Flocking and grass

Reaper Bones: All the Chronoscope figures that were on my want list, less the Antarctic Explorer.

Last Day - Osprey's entry in the Zombie Apocalypse minis game.  Purchased due to the demands of Miss Maja.
And just in case Zombie games don't catch on, Pulp Alley's Tomb of the Serpent campaign, plus the card deck.  The cards are very nice, but not too useful, in my short-sighted opinion.... going with the horror deck seems to have been a better route.

A free Viet Nam figure from the Phalanx Consortium

A mariachi band from Badger Games.

Some of the recent releases from Brigade Games Post-Apocalyptic line.

... and three free gnomes from the Hobby U (Thanks Jim!)  Two are Maja's projects, but I'll take the third for my Nauvoo Legion (which may be my infamous German Schutztruppe for the next year.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

(Kickstarter) The Gingerbread Gang

It's Christmas in July on Kickstarter with War in Christmas Village launching The Gingerbread Gang campaign.

Friday, July 19, 2019

(Kickstarter) BattleTech: Clan Invasion

Wanna make Kickstarter go crazy and you're not Reaper?

Be Catalyst Game Labs and a launch a campaign for BattleTech Clan Invasion.
This has a lot of moving parts.  Lots of stretch goals, upgrades, and swap-outs.
I won't even attempt to go through all the cool stuff they've added, but there are multiple stars of retooled Clan mechs and lances of Inner Sphere.  "Redesigned" is too extreme a term for what they're doing with 3-D rendering, and brings up the time that many of the classic mechs were completely redesigned to avoid the the true strongest threat in the universe: lawyers.

There are many cool items already in the campaign, but the neatest for me would be the all seven battlefields of the Battle of Tukayyid as a set ($30), each double-sided map in a deluxe neoprene battlemat ($30 each).

If you're finally going to do things right, you might as well go crazy.

March of 2020 appears to be the planned released of the majority of the product.

(Kickstarter) Magical Kitties Save the Day

Darn you Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff and you're amusing read ads!

Thanks to them, I've been waiting for Atlas Games to launch their most recent Kickstarter:  Magical Kitties Save the Day!
Every Magical Kitty has a human. Every human has a Problem. In Magical Kitties Save the Day, you need to use your magical powers to solve problems and save the day!

A family friendly-rpg about cats?  That hits my family's demographic.

PDF available? ... or $25 for the basic game (plus $8 S&H).  Sounds good.

August 2020 delivery date?  I worried for a moment, until I remembered that that's a year to fulfill after the campaign ends.    But I want to play it NOW!


Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Mike Lung Gallery #62 - Hogwallow at Historicon

I know I just posted these pictures but scant days ago in my Historicon AAR, but it's only fitting that Award-Winning GM Mike Lung Hogwallow Western game gets its own post.  

Compared to this, Mike's next project is downright primitive... almost Stone Age... and coming soon!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The HAWKS Armies for Kids Game at Historicon 2019

As I made mention in our Historicon 2019 Day-Trip AAR, Maja got to participate in the HAWKS Armies for Kids event.  

With my phone battery living a shorter and shorter life (I did take a LOT of pictures), I couldn't grab any pictures, but dedicated HAWKS member Col Buck Surdu (Ret) grabbed a few pictures and posted them on Buck's Blog.  
From Buck's Blog and a host of HAWKS related blogs.

Directly from Buck's Blog:
The idea is that hopefully these kids go home and start playing games with their buddies. The kids at the convention come with their parents, so in many ways we are preaching to the converted; however, we hope that these kids go home and introduce their little buddies to wargaming.

This resonates with me, as Maja is now showing anyone the cool new figures she got AND rules to play with them.  This might be the hefty nudge I've been waiting for to allow her to consider gaming something fun to do with her friends, rather than a daddy-daughter activity.

Colonel Surdu and the rest of the HAWKS had a rough go at the convention, between parking issues and getting the corner of a darker and louder ballroom, but I implore them to take some time off (heck take a Historicon off for the project), but do not abandon the Armies for Kids program.  I had been talking to parents during that session, who knew about the program and had been unable to get their children.  If I wasn't running my own game, perhaps I could have recruited that empty sixth slot could have been filled.  *Insert comment about no-shows at convention here*
Afterwards, I found another shot from Scrum in Miniature
I've been trying to get Maja into this game for four years or so, but scheduling large and small interfered, and when it didn't the game was sold out.  I was shocked, SHOCKED I say, when at least one slot was available as of July 2nd and jumped at the opportunity.  I also didn't tell her a thing about the game before she arrived, so she was genuinely happy and appreciative to learn her good fortune.


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Lost Dispatches of Feraso #36 - Lunch with the Viscount

Verbobonc City, Viscounty of Verbobonc, Kingdom of Ras-Prythax

10th of Undec, Year 1022

His Honor, Freigraff Alwin Warmark, Totenlinden of the Barony of Amberstoll, Weissmach.

After what felt like an eternity, we all finally arrived to Verbobonc City!

I was a bit miffed when I came to announce myself to the Viscount, and some unknown manservant told us to come back tomorrow, but the wait was worth it.  We were greeted for our lunchtime arrival the next day with colorful streamers and pennants.  A small feast was laid out for us, and the Viscount arrived with his lovely daughter, Helena.

The Viscount's personality is the same as it was, but his visage has certainly aged quite a bit since the last time I had the pleasure of speaking with him.  He's still quite the storyteller, but the smallest distraction forced him to lose his place in the tale.

I believe his daughter is quite aware of this more recent decline, Helena is the only child of Wilfrick, and as a non-adventuring noble-lady of twenty years, has been fighting arranged marriages for quite some time.  However, recent visits by petty noblemen, prince's sons, and even a wealthy merchant or two have created a stir among the locals and Wilfrick's court.

Despite Helena's upbringing and respectable education at the Lyceum in Hydincall, it is near impossible for Wilfrick to name her the next Viscountess of Verbobonc.  If a marriage between her and one of the few qualified suitors can not be made, Wilfrick will name an heir from his nieces and  nephews.

Currently there are three contenders among Helena's cousins; Sir Eger who commands the Verbobonc Guard (NOT the Lancers), Lady Graham  a warrior-priest of Akana currently "crusading" against the orcs of Milosic, and Lady Graysteel who is a famed adventuress currently fighting the pirates of Tripolis in the far off Mer Med.  Graysteel is a favorite among the masses, but Eger is a fine soldier, already married, and his wife is expecting their first child in the next few months.

I had gotten through all of the correspondence the Viscount had sent to me, so I was quite up-to-date with current events, but to keep you abreast of the situations in Ras-Prythax:

The Elemental Temple has been cleared, razed where possible, and magically secured where it could not be destroyed.  Viscount Wilfrick himself escorted a contingent of the Verbobonc Lancers, although even he admitted to me that the presentation was all for show.

Viscount Wilfrick, returning triumphantly from the Temple of Elemental Evil
The Viscount has also re-established ties with local woodsmen and rangers to better patrol the Gnarly Wood and advise his troops of any precarious activity.

The issues with magic failing so long ago with the storms prior to our arrival at Betend?  Things appear to have returned to normal, metaphysically speaking.  There are some new cults that have popped up, worshiping specific traits of the arcane practice, whereas the god Yotia, covers all things wizardly and magically.   One of the cults is name Midnight, the woman who was accompanying Talanth Blackash and company while they were in Schattenwurf.  It could be a coincidence, but Blackash has been a coincidental black mark with all our journeys.

Wrymnalian bounty hunters have been turned back, thanks to the increase patrols on the River Road.  I still don't recommend you return to Wyrmnal to visit any loved ones or acquaintances.

On a more personal note for me, the Viscount invited the Order to escort him to my hometown of Feldkurton.  His inspectors and agents had uncovered some corruption and he had planned on rewarding the inspectors for uncovering the crimes and a rag-tag local barracks for stepping above the rampant crooked locals and arresting the locals responsible for events occurring.  The Viscount informed me that my family remaining in town were not part of the conspiracy, he was taken aback when I mumbled something about arresting them anyway, out of pure spite.

Over the next two days, we're to find tailors and bedeck ourselves in finer clothing.  I'm quite confident that the Order of Merit may be given a certain amount of recognition.  If anything is awarded to us, I will make sure that your prize or share is quickly sent to Amberstoll.

There are two moments of sorrow that I much relay to you, my friend.  First, I was made aware of the death of Torben Mikkelsen, the seneschal for the Viscount, and a staunch ally of yours truly, even during my first days as a scribe.

Secondly, Celeste took me aside and informed me of her decision to leave the Order of Merit and return to Crosedes after our trip to Feldkurton.  She has proven to be a valuable ally and friend, despite her previous relationships.  She was certainly no bloodthirsty holy man like Freigraff Warmark, but few men share your bloodlust, Alwin.

Your Friend,

Elsderth Greyhawk

DM Notes: Our interlude continues as Elsderth finally reaches Verbobonc.  My style of writing matches my GM styles as things need not resolve, but evolve.  

Most of the data about the Viscount and his extended family was directly stolen (and then modified to my non-Greyhawk campaign) from Hall of the Mountain King.  The death of a few leaders will have an impact on the world (and our letter writer), and one day Viscount Wilfrick will no longer be the recipient of this correspondence. Not campaign canon, but it matters to Elsderth, so it matters to me.

Next: #37 Greyhawk in Feldkurton.