Saturday, January 13, 2018

Project 350 for the Winter

As much as I love gaming and blogging about gaming, my semi-secret hobby is watching everything unfold behind the scenes using the Blogger user options.

Outside of trying to figure out why two guys in Macedonia are obsessed with Kickstarters about halflings that I've mentioned over the years, most of my time is spent on the various posts I have "behind the scenes."

Counting up my posts, I've published over 2300 posts over the last eight years, but it's the hidden ones that drive me crazy:
My obsession
I have 81 posts scheduled to published anytime between tomorrow morning and my 20th wedding anniversary in October, 2026.  Some are the future Tuesday posts for Ballad of the Pigeon God. Most are gaming related holiday posts.  I nearly have a decade of Christmas, Easter, April Fools, and Jul posts and pictures ready to go.  If I need to add a heartfelt well-wishes to my readers, I can add them when I feel the muse, otherwise it's one less day I need to think of or find material.

The Draft category is a different story.  Sure, I've shoved some long-term projects in here, and have sorted them out by 500 years in the future.  Since they're Drafts they'll never actually post (even if most of them are awesome), but I can separate those from my wants lists, RPG actual plays I need to finish writing, and the 250+ blog posts from other people that I've stowed away.  

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and there have been so many cool AARs, painting guides, and ideas that I have what seems to be a never-ending list of them.  And despite my best intentions of spreading them out evenly, real life hates my hobby, so like a backlogged to-do list, I keep moving them further and further out into the future, which overlaps even more ideas.  

So, in a pledge to work things down little by little, I will selfishly announce Project 350.  By the end of February, I want to get my combined Drafts and Scheduled posts back down to below 350.  

Full disclosure, I have twelve scheduled posts (including this one at the time of the above screen shot) scheduled to post through the 28th of February.  I have 72 Drafts cluttering the next six weeks, and with Cold Wars coming up, my March posts will go untouched. 

Between the Reviews, the pending Pulp game, gnomes, OGREs, and mouslings, I should be able to whittle away at this backlog, but dedicated readers know some things I've now talked about for months.  

I have faith, because, I've done it before. 

I just pray that none of you have totally radical posts I want to emulate in my own little world over the next month and a half.

I am soooo doomed. 

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