Gnome Wars Errata

Updates on the rules from "The Gnome Guy" himself, Jim Stanton

Of course all these are contingent on Rule 0:  If you play with different rules/intrepretations, and they work for you, great.  Just make sure new players know your house rules, and you know the real rules when playing at a convention.

Clarification:  Americans medics do use a d6 as kind of an anti-metric statement. (In the rest of the world they use metric, we use feet – the rest of the nationalities use d8, the Americans use d6)

Any unit can receive Santa

Clarification:  Sikhs are able to be healed by medics

Clarification: The tunneling should be a 2+ save. It takes two turns to go 16 inches – you put the first marker down, the second time the unit’s card is pulled after that you can put the exit/air hole up to 16 inches from the first marker in a straight line.

Errata:  One Swiss Alphorn needs to be in play for any Swiss to advance/attack.  No die roll is needed.

Any large dinosaur is subject to the rules for "Large Predator"

Additions from January 2012
Question: Are there any other nationalities that are required to be on
a particular side?
There are no restrictions. Make up whatever scenario you like. Usually scenarios are made up based on what figures are available.
Question: Can a wizard be on both sides?
The wizard is his own unit. He can play whatever side the player would like.

Question: What effect does a lighting bolt from the Wizards staff cause on a Gnome or undead? (Undead includes Mummies, Vampires Skeletons etc)?
The lightning bolt does kill/eliminate the undead.

Question: To be eligible to charge the enemy unit, do you need to be in line of sight or directly in front of the unit?
There needs to be a clear path from the unit to the target. The charging unit can turn if there is open space. I unit should not be able to charge through winding streets.

Question: Winding up the bike tank takes what amount of deduction from what sort of unit? Can a gnomeling wind up a tank?
It takes 6 inches of movement to wind a bike tank. Yes, a gnomeling
can wind up a tank.

Question: Do medical Gnomes prioritize their treatment of the wounded for their side first before the enemy even though the enemy wounded maybe closer?
The player controlling the medic decides who, and in what order, figures are cured.
VampiresI read that the Vampire can summon Bats and Rats. How many and are they small or large creatures?
For the point cost the Vampire comes with one large bat, one
large rat, two mummies and 6-8 small bats that constitute the swarm.

Continuing with the above topic, can the Vampire summon both in separate turns and still control them?
The animal units start the game with the vampire - no more can be created during the game. Each time the vampire feeds he creates a mummy (undead).

Mummies and Zombies can cause loads of trouble. Do they actually attack and if so what die do they use?  They use a D6. They can only be chopped, blown-up, or burned.

Is there a difference between Captain Alvarado and First Mate Jones to other pirate captains or first mates on Page 55 on the subject of `Mutiny?' For example, can you have more than one pirate captain and first mate?
There should only be one first mate and captain per unit. There is no danger of mutiny with Captain Alvarado.

If at any time the four undead that are controlled by Lucky Lon get themselves into a melee and there are casualties, do they materialise next turn back to four undead?
No. Once they are gone they are gone. That is a problem when trying to retrieve Lon.

Continuing, are the point costs for lucky Lon also includes the four
undead? Are the four undead armed?
Two undead.
Are there Captain Alvarado and First Mate Jones miniatures?
No. Captain Alvarado' coat should be red. Pick a miniature for Jones.