Saturday, July 2, 2011

(Gnome Wars) Holy Gnomie Releases at Historicon

A whole bunch of things are occuring on the Gnome Wars front.

#1 - First off, Brigade Games has a blog! It's located on the top row of tabs on the main page.

#2 -To my surprise, Lon posted the preview pics of the Holy Gnoman Empire army to be available at Historicon next weekend!

Looks like the healer (more of an oracle), the NCO, and Officer

A Standard Bearer (ooh new troop type!) and musician...

Standard Infantry with multiple arms!
Complete Ballista Crew

While I am stoked about their release, I definitely have questions that better be answered quickly. First off, why is a Greek Oracle the healer? Perhaps I'm missing the obvious with that one.

Second, what are the rules for standard bearers? Are they going to become a stock troop type? Are the existing races going to get appropriate figures, and if so, when and are they mandatory.

Finally, are the multiple arms for standard infantry purchased like that or is Lon just showing the different arm types available for standard troops (sword/shield, spear/shield, two swords, unarmed, etc)?

I will pick up as many figures as possible, to give an honest review and paint job of them, but a full army is not on my short term list. It definitely explains how Travelocity can "negotiate" cheaper rates on hotels and airfare (The Roman Gnome, get it?)

#3 - Brigade also announced that Holy Gnoman Cav is currently in the planning stages, which is good, considering I see absolutely zero missle weapons in this army. They're going to need all the help they can get against gun-happy Germans. Of course, perhaps the Holy Gnomans are ALLIES of the Germans, basically what the Irish are to the Allies.

#4 -The next big piece of news is the actual, honest-to-God release of Gnome Wars 2nd Edition at the con. It's been a long time coming, and I just hope all the old typos are updated, all the nationalities detailed (including some-yet-to be released ones), and the rumored gladiator and joust rules are included.

#5 - The American Civil War Gnomes are in the pipeline for release next. No set timetable, but this got my buddy Brian Nichols and I thinking. If the troop types stay pretty "stock", with more emphasis on paint color than sculpt, we could have many more nationality options a la Deadlands or Aces and Eights. Union, Confederate, the Republics of Texas and California, a Mormon Gnome Army. Heck, they may even work as troops for banana republics. I'm definitely getting more details from Lon next weekend.

#6- Not a Brigade Games announcement, but one dealing with my A Very Gnomish Civil War game. I can't provide details yet, but something big could occur to radically change my game. Despite my vision for the scenario, I could not turn down this opportunity. I'll keep everyone informed as things are finalized. I'll just say that Jim Stanton has become a deity on my gaming legends chart, and he's just being a nice guy.

Stay tuned, but finally a link to the Brigade Games blog... (yes that's the way Lon typed it):

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