Monday, July 25, 2011

(WW2) Panzer Draisine is (has been for a while) out!

One of the popular searches which bring people to the blog has been "Panzer Draisine." Back in April of 2010 I announced pre-orders were being accepted for it from Brigade. I knew nothing of it, other than it looked awesome, and hey, it was Brigade, a plug never hurt.

Finally, more than a year later, I searched for the elusive item. Not only is it available, but it looks awesome in its 1/56th glory!
While it is a piece WW2 equipment, this goes on my long "rob a bank/hit the lottery" list, right behind the armored and civilian trains Brigade sells.

(edit) And here I now notice that it's part of Company B's lineup. Still available through Brigade Games.

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