Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brigade Games Preorders Open for Aerosan

My first question everyone has... what the heck is an Aerosan?


Borrowing the descriptive text on the Brigade Games website:

Aerosans were used for communications, mail deliveries, medical aid, emergency recovery and border patrolling in northern Russia, as well as for recreation. The Soviet Army used them during the Winter War and World War II. They were found to be useful for reconnaissance and light raiding in northern areas, given their high mobility in deep snow (25-35km/h). They were often employed in co-operation with ski infantry and troops carried or towed by transport Aerosans. Fire support was provided by machine gun-armed models.

I never knew that such a thing existed, and now I want one. No, make that a squadron! fleet? What do you call a group of things that look like the bastard child of a swamp boat and a bobsled? Regardless, I want a bunch for a yet-to-be-determine Russian campaign that I just decided this minute I wanted to run, and I want a bunch of these to convert to Gnome Wars. I don't know if I can insert a gnome torso in the cockpit without kit-bashing, but want to try.

Resin and metal model kit 1/56th scale - $29.00 each for more info.

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