Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hawaiian Homicide... or "I didn't steal the poi pounder!"

Before Irene hit, my wife and I decided to have some friends over for our monthly dinner with them. Everyone brings a dish, I grill up some sausage and we have a good time. Of couse the highlight of the evening wasn't my buddy Ken bringing a case of beer, or my wife's beyond decadent lemon squares.

It was the Hawaiian Murder Mystery, "Lethal Luau".

Okay, stop laughing...



Last year my wife had picked up a murder mystery at one of those Five Below stores for, I guess, five bucks or less. Everyone had a blast, although one player fell ill before dinner, and the actual murderer had to be played by a toy penguin.

Penguins are nasty!

We had received "Lethal Luau" for Christmas and felt obligated to run it before next Christmas. If you don't know what a murder mystery is, please remove yourself from the rock you've been living under and find a life.

The roles all had strange angles connecting them to the murdered private investigator that had brought them all together: An "Organic Coffee Farmer", "Skilled Diver with a hidden secret", "Surfer Dude," "Hawaiian Hula Dancer", "Fashion Model", "Strange Man who lost his luggage", and my role, Chief Wiki-Wiki.

It wasn't perfect. Unlike last time, we had evidence to read then pass around. Where a hulu dancer is hiding a bunch of faxes is outside the scope of this blog, but we didn't pass around the info, and that made picking out the actual murderer even harder.

In the end, Chief Wiki-wiki, who had "allegedly" stolen a sacred poi pounder and had access to rat poison was put before the police, but the nice lady on the game's cd spared my life!

We either need to find another murder mystery, or perhaps I might introduce them to a stripped down version of Cthulhu. Mr. Corbitt's house does need some cleaning after that unfortunate "incident" many years back!

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