Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gamer's Edge, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Running between the chaos gaming of my buddy Hoyce's bachelor party and my "regular" CoC campaign game in East Stroudsburg, I did make a quick stop at Gamer's Edge in Stroudsburg.

First postive:  They normally open at noon on Sundays and I was about 10 minutes early.  Amazingly, not only was someone there, but they were pleasant!

After a pleasant conversation with the owner, I went about wandering around the store.  It's compact, but large enough to have at least seven tables out at all times for gaming.

RPGs:  They get a good grade from me, at least.  D&D 4.0, Pathfinder, D&D clones, White Wolf, and
Eclectic variety of other RPGs.

Board Games:  Nice uncluttered displays for the games, including plenty of Steve Jackson Munchkin and Chez Geek spinoffs.

Comic section:  Hidden in the corner, it appeared to be an afterthought, but it was well-organized

Minis:  Heroclix, a small display or Reaper near the counter, as well as the bare necessities of a 40K display near the front window.  Near the 40K is also found a set of Pegasus Palm Trees, and I immediately snagged them up.

Behind the counter, was were the action was.  The store hosted numerous Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh tourneys, so as expected there were a lot a cards in the case.  Three things that sort of stuck out were a Mox Ruby ($250), an Underground Sea ($200+), and an Unlimited Black Lotus for only the measely price of $1400.  Nice to see they stock the high and the low ends of the spectrum.

The only thing that topped my surprise of those was LOOSE DICE!!!  It's something that I never see anymore in stores and I quickly scarfed up a few percentile sets for that afternoon's game.  They also had a good variety of dice sets at different price points.

After talking with the owner, it seemed like he was attempting to do inter-store tournaments with Muchkin with a store up in New York State, as well as visiting other regional stores for CCGs tourneys.  Nice guy, he even handled a stereotypical "annoying kid who just doesn't get it" with grace and flair.

The only things I would like to see improved upon were the lighting and the floor.  The lighting was no way near as bad as Adventure Games (in fact I complimented him on it), but with a $1400 item in the case, presentation is everything.  The floor is good old fashion tile or linoleum and just in need of a real good buffing.  For the Yu-Gi-Oh parents, presentation is everything.

On the ever-evolving Gaming with the Gnomies rating scale, I would give Gamer's Edge 4 out of 5 Gnomes.

Compared to the old monstrousity known as The Encounter?  Sure their stock isn't as large, but I think if your friend want's to buy a copy of a game you picked up at Gamer's Edge, they would probably find it in stock, rather that The Encounter's penchant for total stock turnover and remodelling every 6-12 months.  And even if they didn't have it, I have more faith that they would put forth every effort possible to get it in for you.

Gamer's Edge is at 424 Main St, between the KFC and McDonald's in Stroudsburg, PA.  Their phone number is (570) 421-3343.  No website listed, but like everything else, they have a page on Facebook.

Oodles of Steve Jackson, curses you blurry camera phone.

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  1. You have to check out the new location, it is about 4 times larger than the last! It is insanely huge with seating for 150+ players and like 600-700 different board games and expansions in stock. It is the largest selection I have ever seen in a store. The card case is unbelievable, they have most of the power 9 and all the legacy lands and staples for Magic. Truly impressive! I love it there!

  2. Well then, a trip may be in order to update/write a new review