Friday, February 10, 2012

Cold Wars and Gnomish Battle Enlistment

Crap, it's a month till Cold Wars!

Good news is, just about everything major is ready, because I am largely borrowing from the the Gnome Wars' Treasure Island board. I have four parts that need to get finished.

1) Play Cards for Samoans. Oh yeah, nothing like Samoan natives for the Americans and Germans. A few little surprises, I hope.

2) The Californian Imperial Guard. Short of a 25mm California flag, I'll whip these out to assault Apaula Heights. Everyone knows the Empire of California fought in the 2nd Samoan War, with some help from the Kingdom of Hawaii!

3) British Marines. I have 15 British Marines to paint up for the New Providence game I'm running during the Saturdy afternoon tri-mega-game (mega-tri-game?). They're based and primed and ready from some quality speed painting.

4) Two ships. If anyone is a true gnomie, they are following the "Gnome Guy" himself at . He's been casting and painting his own ships for the game, and I've got two of them to paint up. I need a quick run to Michael's for paint. Apparently I short on my selection of browns needed for shading/drybrushing. Again, cleaned and primed and this is my easiest project... until I get to the masts.

I'm also putting out initials feelers for the Unofficial Gnomish Gazetteers. I'm wondering if any of the gnomies would be willing to "host" some of the wars between 1870-1914. I've been collaborating with some of the gnomies, and we have a good grasp of the ancient "Age of Heroes", the "Age of Peace", the "Age of Exploration", and "The Age of Germanic Industrialization" (we're working on that one). After German Unification, there are simply dozens upon dozens of wars to fight to influence the modern gnomish world.

Anyone willing to run a campaign and give results would be much appreciated. I believe we already have the Franco-Prussian, the Zulu, the Boer, and Spanish-American taken, but just look at the imcomplete list of wars available on wikipedia, there's plenty to choose from.

Next up: Native-American Gnome stand-ins?

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