Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hackmaster: The Journey of Mutumbo #6: Adventure is Missed!

Check out the roster of the party here. Please check out #5 for the fate of Arbeow Geniped.

The next morning Dalmar met up with Cecelia and Mutumbo. It seems they tried (and botched) the prison break AGAIN! Despite their incompetence the half-elf (Mordeln) wanted them to help him look for papers of succession in the Grand Duke’s castle… and oh yeah, Dalmar’s invited to come along.

With the gnomeling gone and Sabu Tablesmasher III wandering off, the party picked up a half-ogre named Thundar the Barbarian. Despite Thundar’s absolute stupidity, he was vital to the party’s success that night in secretly entering the castle by silencing many of the guards… permanently. The party managed to sneak into Prince Cardor’s chambers. They found a family tree which proves Prince Cardor is next in line for the throne and also mention Mordeln as the bastard son of the Prince. His bastard lineage, mixed with the racist beliefs of the area prevents Mordeln from taking the throne. Dalmar did manage to discover that Prince Cardor suffered from Lycanthropy and under its affects, killed Duke Aldriv and fled. With information and a map that may lead to the whereabouts of Cardor, the group heads out…

In the woods the group meets Brand, a friend of Mordeln’s and up until that morning an inhabitant of the local prison. The party encounters a pseudo-dragon who bargains Cardor’s whereabouts for the party cleaning out a tribe of goblins. For their first prolonged foray into dungeon was a five-day affair, full of fumbles, poor planning, an absolute clusterf**k. The most successful tactic was a phantasmal force of an ettin to scare off some of the goblins, but most wised up, and even illusionary ettins have problems with small goblin tunnels… After five days, the party was near death and had lost their mounts (including the camel), but the goblins had been chased out or killed off. Of course, after five days, any information the psuedo-dragon had was very dated and it fled for it’s life.

The group stumbled into the port of Brymstone and with what little money they pooled together that was not on the horses they bought passage on a ship going down the coast (the last bit of the pseudo-dragon’s info that could have been useful pointed to a fishing village down the coast in the Kingdom of Crosedes. A village known as …. Saltmarsh.

GM Note: The adventure being run was Aldriv’s Revenge, and the party slowly butchered it. As the party left Brymstone, they would never return to Alois. Just because the party never came back doesn’t mean it isn’t a vibrant part of the campaign. The failure to rescue Prince Cardor forced Alois to accept the Duke’s 18-yr old daughter Wendolin as Duchess and the Minister of Agriculture, Dalcom Minifumes (a Halfling) as regent. A marriage was arranged between Wendolin and Cassius Silvershield, crown prince of Crosedes., making Alois part of Crosedes, and breaking a few trade and military agreements with other neighboring kingdoms. The only good news for Alois is that Duchess/Princess Wendolin is far more sharp than many people believe and holds considerable influence in not only the Duchal court in Yelden, but the Royal court in the Crosedean capital of Hydincall. Meanwhile, Prince Cardor’s illegitimate son, Mordeln Larendin is conducting a guerrilla war with local Grel tribes. Mordeln is assisted by Brand, a ranger of some repute.

Next up: The sinister secrets stay secret

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