Monday, February 6, 2012

Documentaries and the Gnome Timeline

Last night was another glorious party with the little one until 5 in morn, so pardon me if there are more run-on sentences and fragements than normal.

The one advantage of staying up all night was catching up on my DVR. The Military Channel was running the great First World War documentary, I finally got to see the much recommended episode "Global War". "Global War" coverage Germany's expansion of the war, from the Pacific to the Falklands, and even this little area called Tanga. Not very expansive on the specifics, but the color pictures and rough film made up for it. Plus, I got to see more houses and other buildings for that area. One way or another the Hotel Kaiser is getting built after Cold Wars, and I'd like to see other buildings that fit the town.

Which brings up another point. I had mentioned awhile back about an unofficial Gnome Gazetteer covering some backstory of the various nationalities, while covering different engagements in history, some historical and some very extreme "what-if scenarios". I'm assuming 1870 as the the start date for campaigns and playable scenarios. For starters, it turns the scenarios in the rule book into a gnomish Franco-Prussian war (Swisso-Prussian?) that would cover all items except for tanks and trucks. I picture more Gnomezer Mk Ones on the battlefield than Mk IVs and A7Vs.

The historical timeline should include the Tanga campaign, a wee bit early mind you, going into the Zulu and Bore Wars, the Ham Fighter Rebellion, Russo-Japanese, and all the other classics. I will go into better detail to expand upon the German-American War, and perhaps some Sikh Wars information to explain how they show up in Western Gnomenculture without a dominant British Imperial presence.

Somewhere in there, I'd like to find a simple set of naval rules, so the German-American, and Samoan Civil Wars could be fought properly.

Any suggestions are, of course gladly accepted!

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