Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beware the Tsunami Fedex

Still trying to find time to finish up the Cold Wars Projects. This whole family, PLUS a puppy have been crimping that luxurious hobby lifestyle I was livin' yo!

1- Ships. I need an hour to do the detail and seal them
2- British Marines - Trying to find where my daughter hid all of my white paint. I just need a night with sleeping children to finish this.
3- Samoan Sheet - Is typed up and ready to for print. Samoans are going to need a bit of tactics for 20th Century warfare, but they can be extremely effective. More to come.
4- 1st Imperial Guard of California: This is going to be a last-second rush. Plus, I may require the use of some dismounted American Cav to fill in the gaps.

So, just a regular ramp up for the con.

As I have mentioned in earlier post, Mike Lung is working on an epic project that would easily eclipse the awesomeness of the Znombies. I've kept quiet because (a) I don't want to rock the boat with others and (b) I don't want to jinx Mike productivity.

All I have left from an excuse in (a).

Mike sent me some pics this week: Numerous poses, scenery pieces, even vehicles! And best of all, they fit with our theme for the Gnome Wars games at Cold Wars. He just sent the scuplts to his contact to be cast, and Fedex has lost the package. Months of sculpting gone down the drain, or on some little old lady's porch by mistake instead of her yarn-of-the-month-club shipment.
It's sad, Mike's just a wee bit furious, but he's such a trooper that he's making new sculpts to get cast so they may be there for Cold Wars.

Unlike the "leaked" Znombie pics, I'm holding back and giving this project some proper display and a couple of posts. I will say this: It fits the games' theme and it covers an area that we won't see commercially produced.

More to come...

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