Monday, February 27, 2012

My Gnomish Circle Grows Wider

Still working on the last the British Marines. Sloooooooooowly. Family life, wife projects, and trips have eaten into my relaxation. We did manage to see a number of family and friends today, and we also took a day trip to New York City, so my wife could get a tattoo from one of the guys at the Wooster Street Social Club (aka New York Ink.) My wife has gotten a puppy and a pricey tattoo in the last month, I believe I have enough leeway now to either recreate any scene from Scarface, or just buy out an entire flea market session at Cold Wars without any repercussions.

Now onto today's story:
Just over a week ago, my buddy Scott sent me a series of cryptic sounding text messages which basically stated, "Connor wants to play Gnome War." Now Connor is my Godson, good Lord is he seven already? I'm a horrible Godfather in that I moved away right when the little guy was born, and have been a bit haphazard for birthdays and other extravaganza. Throw in the fact that Mom and Dad aren't on "normal" terms, and I feel bad that I haven't been there for the kid.

Now, I have told Scott on a consistent basis that Connor is always welcome to come to game days, especially since Scott has showing up for a couple of Gnome Wars games. Plus Scott's ingrained in my Gnome Wars lore, because we had relive our high school days when we descened upon his parent's house for our first ever non-convention GW game when the first location fell through. The idea that Connor wants to play minis may turn this open invitation into a demand.

Apparently, the crew was at the Complete Strategist outside of Philly, and he took a strong liking to the content inside Wargames Illustrated.

Scott: "Connor, we don't play wargames."

Connor: "Dad, we don't own anything like this. If we did I would want to play all the time.. with you."

Those of you that get misty-eyed from that can go grab a tissue. Ready? Let's continue...

That might be paraphrased heavily from my memories of a week-old phone conversation, but a good enough that Uncle Eric will get involved. How can I deny father-son bonding through gaming? So at Cold Wars I shall pick up some units from them. I'm waiting to see what Connor likes in terms of the pics at the Brigade Games website and I snag up full unit of that, a unit of Highlanders for Scott (he does wear a kilt *shudder*), and we'll schedule a day of painting for the three of us. Nothing too crazy, some Americana paint, a few lessons for Dad about eyes and lining, and perhaps not only will this duo have battle ready armies, but Scott may get motivated to paint the hundreds of Battletech figures he still has stowed away .

But that is a story for a another day.

Scott and Connor, future Gnome Warlords

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  1. Maybe this can convince people to try out Dust Tactics with Mr Mightyriver as well... And I was going to ask why Scott looks inebriated but I remember that is his normal facial expression...