Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Relief Has Arrived!

It's take some time, but I can clearly say we'll have a gnome in the home for Christmas.   After being accidently packed up with Jim's things after Cold Wars, my Swiss Gnomes (and cohorts) have arrived back in Pennsylvania.

Final formation, before getting dismissed for some well-deserved leave.
They survived their long march through the UPS Pass, but a few got unbased along the journey. 

Their leave will be short-lived, as I'll start touching up the Rangers, rebasing the Redhats, repainting the British Marines' hats, and possibly finding a new direction for the neglected Swiss.  There's an important mission for them this Saturday.  Details to follow.

After them, it's "Samoa" painting for Cold Wars (I kill myself sometimes!) and prepping some Sikh Gnomes.  No written confirmation from Jim, but next year's Mega Game is huge.

And you can't have Mega without ME!

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