Friday, December 6, 2013

The Samoan Civil War Event for Cold Wars has been submitted!

After much thrashing about and gnashing of teeth, I have finally submitted my event for Cold Wars in Lancaster, March 6-9. 

The First Battle of Vailele    Theme Game
Saturday 10am
System: Contemptible Little Armies
Scale: 25mm
Era: 19th Century Colonial
6 players (I can accept 2 additional walk-ins/invitees)

Samoa is in chaos! With the death of King Malietoa Laupepa, rebel elements have plunged the islands into their Second Civil War, and the Western Powers will have none of that! After securing the port city of Apia, British Sailors, American Marines, and Samoan loyalists now move toward the rebel stronghold of Vailele.

Jim is assembling the Gnome Wars events as well.  Looks like a Cold Wars will be the marquee convention yet again for Gnome Wars in 2014.

For now, I have one more insane day at work, and perhaps things can calm down from here on out.

Please stop laughing, it's impolite.

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