Friday, January 3, 2014

Daddy? When Can I Play With MY Toys?

Thank God, the holidays are over, unless your Orthodox, then you get the benefit of post-Christmas sales AND have a cool beard.

It was an okay Christmas in ViscountEric's stronghold, as okay as a house with two adults, two children, two dogs, and two cats can be.  There was no giant gift for the girl's this year that had "some assembly required," so my wife gave me the next closest to impossible task:  open up the Cinderella's Castle Playset. and set it up amongst the presents.  Opening up piles of styrofoam and twist ties, I cam upon this beauty.

Let's just say that Daddy found something else for the gnomes to play in.

While the parapets are perfect for 25/30mm gnomekind, it's proportionately better suited for them than the parade of Disney royalty that's included. 

This weekend is my youngest, Amelia's birthday extravaganza, and once that's over the shoebox town is coming out with the birdhouse churches and towers, and we'll figure out a proper game for gnome and princess alike.

The best part for frugal Dad is that my wife snagged this for 60% off, and the girls rabidly play with it to begin with, eschewing all the other full-price toys Santa brought. 

Excuse me, I have to stat out the Beast.

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