Wednesday, January 8, 2014

US Marines in Samoa, 1899

This "polar vortex" that has struck over half the country should have been expected.  I have actually accomplished some painting, so Hell has frozen over, indeed.

Sorry, no fancy set-up and I'm not going outside at this point for natural lighting.

These are US Marines attached to the USS Philadelphia that participated in the Second Samoan Civil War.   The majority of photos of the conflict have the Marines in various states of dress and four different styles of headgear, so I kept it simple.  I went with 25mm Spanish-American War US Infantry from Old Glory, because the standard kepi-wearing uniform was never seen anywhere in photographs, British sun helmets (which were despised) were only worn during guard duty and formal functions, and day to day gear resembled that of some pictures from the Philippines in 1902.

One unit down, five more to go and I'll have enough figures for a full table for my Cold Wars event.

Next on the painting table (after we eat dinner tonight):  Banana tree basing, priming and base coating some Samoan volunteers, and hopefully I can almost finish the fictionally named, but entirely plausible Mataafan Elite Guard.

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