Wednesday, June 18, 2014

(Kickstarter) The Dude Abides, But You Should Pledge

A huge smile appeared on my face this morning as I perused the recently launched Kickstarters and found out Impact! Miniatures started a new campaign that might be more my speed. 

For lovers of ecclectic minis, zombie survival games, and Coen Brothers movies, Little Urban Achievers are 28mm minis in spincast resin that really tie in the room, or your gaming table.

This one seems ridiculously affordable, $29 for the 14 resin minis.   They do offer the figures for individual sale, but with the caveat that you must pledge the $5 base pledge before adding on, and the add-ons will be in more expensive metal.  If I want to just  make a Zombie apocalypse at the bowling alley, it would be $30.    The Kickstarter is only two weeks long, so I only have till June 30th to make a decision.

(Edit: I've come to learn that this line has been available in metal, and the figures look to be over $5 apiece, so the add-on promotion is a decent deal.  Still pondering).

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