Saturday, July 26, 2014

Historicon 2014 - Gnomes!!!

It wouldn't be an HMGS con if there weren't gnomes!   Again, thanks to Gaming with the Gnomies' awesome Mike Lung for providing the pictures (save the first one on this post).

First off, let's here it for more gnomes in non-Gnome Wars games.  The Mad Quest for the Orb of Power game looked to be the fun non-historical chaos love to to play in.   Don't know the manufacturer of these gnomes, but they're simply fantastic.

 And now back to our regularly scheduled Gnome Wars games.

The first session on the MBA board was the classic Allies Kick the Germans Out of the Castle.  The Allies succeeded in kicking out the Germans and successfully defended against the German relief column.
Sikhs and Bears, Oh my!

German reinforcements

The Allies crossing the river to assault the castle

The second game was a continuation of the first.  Allied gnomes had to hold the castle from a German counter-attack, all the while an Allied relief column was coming from the opposite end of the MBA board.
Swiss coming out to defend the castle walls

Germans and Russians hunker down before the assault
 The Allies were victorious again, pushing away the German attack.

Saturday night's game was a gnome znombie game on the MBA Middle East table.   Players got to assemble 5-gnome teams with the objective of reaching the helicopter in the middle of the board to escape.  Unfortunately, there was a large group of Sikhs guarding the landing pad and things got brutal.  To add insult to injury, the Baby Milk Factory started leaking a strange yellow cloud....

Gnome Cultists Prepare!

So that's how they add the extra DHA in the formula!

Get to da choppa!!!
The ones who didn't make it on the helicopter will either have to fight... or die

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