Thursday, July 10, 2014

Steve Jackson Stalking Me and Some Random Mid-July Ramblings

First off, thanks to the fine folks at Steve Jackson Games, who linked my "Is That an OGRE in Your Pocket" post directly to their Twitter feed.  I had investigating what website in Canada kept linking to my Secrets of Tibet review via a Facebook page, when all of a sudden *WHAM* the stats for the blog exploded like the Russian Orthodox celebrating their Fourth of July early.

Wait? What? 

Regardless, this made my day.

It's not on the level of my buddy Wooly and I eating hot dogs with Steve Jackson at one of the early Dexcons in New Jersey, but it'll do. 

My favorite exchange of that encounter:

Wooly:  Who'da thunk that when I left to get down here (Edison, NJ) this morning that I would be eating hot dogs with Steve Jackson.  My life is complete!

Steve:  You really need to work on some bigger goals in your life *munch*.

Hopefully my two copies of Pocket Ogre are at my FLGS when I swing by Friday or Saturday.  After their second GW order has come in and sold out the door, I'll be happy if my $5.90 order comes in.  Very happy.

The store is also hosting their first big 40K event, an Apocalypse style one on Saturday, which is fancy talk for piling every one's stuff on multiple tables and blowing it all up.  I was amused that the skyscraper building set that I had as a kid has had its girders painted red and repackaged in smaller quantities (they're using it to build the bridges to connect the tables.  So long as they're having fun and parents feel comfortable bringing their kids to game (and sometimes bringing their wallets to buy stuff), I can't complain about what's run their.  To use the new quote my wife likes to use, "Not my circus, not my monkeys."  Although attendance at that circus seems to be doing spectacularly well.

On the literal Home Front, various house functions and helping as a son-in-law needs to do has cut back onto my painting for the "Blue Martian Project."  7 out of 10 are done, though!  Gnomes are in the painting queue immediately after, I promise!

Finally, a lull at work has allowed me some downtime, so I started cutting into the Actual Play reports for the Burning TrogsThey might be over a decade old, but I want something formally done before the campaign journal disintegrates in the garage.  For the rest of the summer, I'll be posting a new addition every Tuesday.  Check them out then, or bring them up by using the Hackmaster, or Burning Trogs labels.

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