Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Is That an OGRE in Your Pocket?

First off, I pray the numerous deities that I didn't miss this in the issues of Game Trade Magazine for my Apathy of the New Releases column. 

Second, if I didn't miss it, after the titanic success of the "big" Kickstarter, who wouldn't want to promote something like this?

Anyway, somehow I've managed to miss some of the biggest gaming news of the year:  Steve Jackson Games has released a new printing of Pocket OGRE.

And it's $2.95.

I remember this being a throw-in to the OGRE Designer's Edition Kickstarter, but that was so long ago I must have forgotten it was going to be availabe for individual sale.

As if that doesn't make me understand the phrase "Full of Win," one of recommended items that comes up on the Warehouse 23 page?

Mini-Freaking Car Wars?  For $2.50.  Christmas shopping for this year is complete boys and girls!

I've just introduce racing to the girls.  Car Wars might be a weeeeeee bit of a jump. 

But demolition derby with dollar store cars?  Hmmm.....

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