Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tales of the Crescent City is IN MY HANDS!

Yesterday I received a received a very beat-up, bulging Priority Mail envelope in the mail.  Dreading the worst, I held off until everyone was asleep before opening it.  All that did was prevent anyone from seeing my Happy Dance of Joy (tm). 

The Tales of the Crescent City Kickstarter by Golden Goblin Press arrived.  Everything inside not only survived unscathed, it was beyond immaculate.

Crying poverty, I only pledged at the Algiers level, expecting the book and pdf of the five initial scenarios. 

After hitting a number of stretch goals, this is what I actually got.
  • The pdf copy of Tales.  With my aged computer, it was difficult to truly appreciate the document when I received it early, but I knew this was going to be well done.
  • A softcover book with SEVEN scenarios, a Neighborhood Guide to New Orleans, and an article on Etienne-Laurent de Marigny.
  • Access to the upcoming Legends of New Orleans pdf, which cover non-Mythos folklore in FIVE more scenarios.
  • Access to the initial 24-page scenario of the upcoming Black Goat of New Orleans campaign to be published my New Orleans Mythos.
  • An 8" x 10" print of the cover art.
  • And official Golden Goblin Press Mardi Gras beads!
I haven't even gone through the book, but I have nothing but praise for Oscar Rios and the guys at Golden Goblin.   Sure, it's not some multi-million dollar miniatures fiasco to worry about, but I've had constant communication, great stretch goals, and a physical product written, editted, printed, and shipped to my door in less than five months. 

Okay, technically the book was scheduled for delivery in June, but it's like that one restaurant in town that has service that's just a step behind, but the food is worth the wait.  Golden Goblin may be my new favorite restaurant.  In fact, I'm tempted to get into Cthulhu Invictus just so I can fully participate in their next Kickstarter in September. 

Trust me I'll post about the details when it comes closer.

But since it deserves a formal affirmation, my Kickstarter experience with Golden Goblin Press is definitely worth a five out of five gnome rating.

I will use them as the benchmark to determine whether I will pledge money on future Kickstarters.  While I can't demand perfection on any or all projects, demonstrating this level of professionalism goes a LOOONG way. 

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