Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dungeons and Ponies 5e #2 - Friendship IS Magic!

After a fairly successful first game of the new Dungeons and Dragons RPG using My Little Ponies as the characters, I decided into another foray with my daughter Maja, age 5.

We also recruited her younger sister, Millie, to take the role of Spike the dragon, and throw a little more chaos into the encounter. 

Recap:  Apple Jack rescued Twilight Sparkle and Spike from goblins, but the Princess Cadence was missing, as well as all the gifts for the big festival in Canterlot. 

(I can't believe I just typed that.)

So, the trio licked their wounds and continued on, hoping to find a clue where the Princess had been taken.  Soon, they entered a magical  mushroom forest and discovered the wagon, bereft of gifts. 

Although Maja had changed from Apple Jack to Twilight Sparkle, her rolls were horrible and again the group was surprised by not two, but THREE goblins!

Apple Jack was just as erratic as our first session, missing the goblins with terrible rolls.  Spike, run by a three year old, just wanted to breath fire, and did so with even worse rolls!

It was up to Twilight Sparkle to save the day, and she did!  First she cast a Sleep spell, which knocked out two of them.  Then, as the third goblin knocked out Apple Jack, she cast Charm Person on it and the it failed its saving throw.  A very friendly goblin was confused by the sleeping goblins and pony, but was very forthcoming about the goblin cave holding a princess pony.  In fact, he offered to show her where it was!

Our battlemat, courtesy of Millie, age 3.
This session we worked on the adding tracking more numbers on the character sheets for the kids, missile combat (in the form of treating the pistols of the goblins as crossbows and Spike's breath weapon), and the wizard side of magic use.  Since Maja is just starting Kindergarten in three weeks, I gave her spell cards to help her out.  Most had a picture to tell her what spell it was (A light bulb for Light, a firefly for Dancing Lights), although my ability to make  a snowflake are non-existent, so she learned the word "Cold" for Ray of Cold.  She knew the pink cards could be used over and over (cantrips), while the big spells needed to be turned into to me when she used them (1st level).  She picked out her two 1st level spells all by herself (z-z-z-z-z-z for Sleep and a smiley face for Charm Person).    When playing with My Little Ponies, I can't imagine a better way to end the session with a making a new friend (at least until the spell wears off, somewhere within the goblin caves.  Dad treats everyone equally behind the screen, even if they have trouble tying their shoes.

I've realized that at least the twenty sider in the boxed set is badly flawed, because between all of us a 3 has been rolled more than a third of the time between two sessions. 

Next:  Onto the caves

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