Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gnome Profile: Crown Prince Otto von Buckvitz

The German Empire may look like a megalithic power to other nations, but in reality, it is a strong federal system that does its best to contain the the hodge-podge of Duchies, Principalities, Baronies, Fiefdoms, City-State Protectorates within its borders.

One of the larger and most influential territories is the Grand Duchy of Oesterria.  Oesterria is largely famed for its tinkers and inventors.  Before the Industrial Boom and the subsequent militarization, Oesterria was known world-wide for their small kitchen appliances, mainly toasters and hand mixers.

Crown Prince Otto von Buckvitz is 8th in line for the royal succession to the German crown, but to the people of Oesterria, he is the middle-aged millionaire playboy that fills the local newspapers with stories that help them disappear from their dreary lives.  While his elderly father Claude still runs the day-to-day operations, Otto spends the entertains the world with his safaris, expeditions, and sponsorships of the arts. 

If Otto has one weakness, it is the music of Franz Ferdinand, a popular band leader from the neighboring Kingdom of Surfia.    News of Franz's band, The Principal Orchestra, making an appearance at a local music hall, has been been know to cause near-rioting in the streets, as people clammor for tickets.  The Crown Prince is notorious for using his royal clout to obstain preferred seating at such events.  His demands are such that whole swaths of seating are reserved for his small entourage, preventing many ethnic Surfians for being prevented from seeing the shows. 

Political commentators willing to risk future censorship have commented that the many Surfians would kill for a chance to see Franz Ferdinand, and their first choice could be the Crown Prince.

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