Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Mike Lung Gallery #36 - Ameribear Settlers and Some Big Cabbages

Still going through Mike's neglected emails.  The man's imagination and talent is just getting better and better.
Below are some of the colonial bear women he made.  They're cast open handed so Mike can affix whatever tool/weapon/implement best suits them. 

In the front, is one of Mike's dead casualty bears with his stuffing oozing out of his torn stitches! The General (the Duke of Cucumberland) is just simply a (former) Eureka bear that he remounted from the rocking horse to a more mobile rabbit.  

Also, notice the “cabbages.” They are become a staple crop for the bears and gnomes, alike... and according  to Mike, really simple to make. They're just some artificial plants bought at Michaels, torn from their stems and glued gunned directly to the field as is.  Hearty cabbages for hearty bears.

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