Monday, February 1, 2016

Even More Palm Trees and Lessons from Maja

I really thought I could post more pictures of finished figs this week, especially since I had time and help!  But  the fact of the matter is I have a pile of lead/plastic in the midst of block painting.

First off, in my never ending battle against tropical foliage, some more palm trees are done!

These are out of a dinosaur playset I snagged on the cheap from Toys 'R Us almost a decade ago.  Of course I went through the playset again and found MORE TREES and more random terrain to paint up.  The queue keeps going in the wrong direction.

This week, we add the tag Painting of Maja, as my daughter Maja was far more efficient with her limited time than me.
Small Lion Statue from Windsword Accessories. 25mm Old Glory for scale

Chupacabra from Brigade Games
I'm quite impressed with her speed and patience layering the dry brushing, especially for a six year old.  She has her own painting queue on the table, as does her five year old sister, Millie.

Now back to Dad's mediocre results...
Another one of my old Grenadier figs, Armored Cleric.  That 3mm difference is substantially worse on my shaky hands and old eyes.

Now from Iron Wind Metals
A Neo Soviet Cyclops for Vor.  I got this in a lot I won on eBay a few years back.  It seems to have more of Victorian or Pulp then sci fi, so he'll probably make an appearance in game shortly.

After going through the dinosaur playset and my box of green army guys for Burning Plastic, I realized I need a machine gun nest for the next game, and this piece was high enough for not only regular 25/28mm standing figs, but a machine gun team as well.

NEXT:  The Palm Trees just don't end!!!  The old Grenadiers are almost done, some Askaris, some test paints for a Song of Blades and Heroes warband, and, of course the kids got some Bones over the weekend...

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