Saturday, February 20, 2016

(Risus) Rayne Firewyrk, Elemental Samurai

With the absurdity you can find on the net now FOR DECADES, I'm saddened that I don't create some pop culture characters that are perfect for Risus and possibly Illuminati University.  

I'll start with Will Keith, better known and the Katana versus Water Bottle guy. 

Obviously, between the videos and his About section on YouTube, he becomes quite easy to stat.

Rayne Firewyrk, Elemental Samurai
Fat Dude with a Hatred of Bottled Water (4)
Elemental Samurai of Fire (3)
Gamer (2)
Minor Web Celebrity (1)
Equipment:  Katana, Membership to Sam's Club AND Costco
The Fire Samurai has found a nursery of unhatched water younglings.  There shall be no mercy!

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