Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Eureka Teddy Bear Status

It's been old news for awhile, but the blog has gotten a few hits through a search for "Eureka Teddy Bears," so people must still be catching up to the fact that the Teddy Bear ranges sculpted by Mike Broadbent and produced/distributed by Eureka Miniatures were sold to a third party quite some time ago. 

For fans of the ranges, we've been patiently waiting for any word from the new owner as to what's going on.   Most has been mere conjecture, but I did catch a post from Mike Broadbent on from TMP from over a year ago explaining the gentlemen was in Iraq for the UN and was hoping to return.  Back in January, someone over at the Lead Adventures forums happened to mention the man's LinkedIn page...

  • Security Adviser Iraq

    – Present (2 years 5 months)
    Coordination of Iraq wide security for Unicef international and national staff operating across fluid and dynamic regional locations responding to operational imperatives balanced against security requirements. Responsible for procurement, training and deployment of ballistic vehicles and equipment, communications and medical support to enable increased Unicef missions to be undertaken.

    Since June 2014 the L3 Emergency has seen a massive increase in Unicef operational tempo across Iraq requiring contemporaneous knowledge of the fluid operational environment in which Unicef is responding to the movement of 1.8 million IDP's affected by the continuing crisis.

I think I'll cut the guy some slack and just hope he eventually gets home safely.

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