Friday, June 3, 2016

Flaggers, Elder Signs and Machine Guns

If a giant meteor hits the Earth, just blame me.  By some grace of God, the Swiss 3rd Engineering Corps is finally complete, with the addition of not one, but TWO NCOs!
Let's assume "Charge" doesn't involve the NCO passively holding a pole arm.

As this completes my third Swiss unit, I may need to set up an appropriate parade ground to display them and their Sikh allies. 

Next are the three "Summoning Stones" I got as part of a stretch goal on my "New Stuff" pledge for the 7th Edition CoC minis Kickstarter by RAFM.  Really easy to paint, and mounted on 25mm mdf bases for convenience.

Finally, we turn to the wheeled heavy machine gun for Gnome Wars by Brigade Games. 
Since we got this bad boy, construction zone speeders have all but been eliminated... One way or another.
Wheels need to be reinforced, but it's another item off the bench and into the painted boxes of gnomes.  The German crew it came with are currently not in the queue.

Next in the queue:  Dunwich Detectives/RAFM Cthulhu, Gnome Wars Sihks, and first batch of mouslings are all base coats....

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  1. Love the "slow" and "stop" signs. Can't wait to see them on the field....probably behind the lines directing traffic! Awesome job!!