Tuesday, June 14, 2016

(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Rule! #42: Diplomatic Imbecility

30th of HepDec, 1135,  Emron City, The Principalities of Emron
The Burning Trogs (and General Fonzy "The Fonz" Schlepprock) have a formal meeting with the Council of Mage-Princes of Emron.  Each Mage-Prince runs one of the thirteen principalities, including a kobold sorcerer.    The Ambassadors pledge their case, but it's very hard to read the faces of the Mage-Princes.  Only three were noted in the journals of the Trogs:

Jerrick - Already on our side.
Jaeger:  In charge of the military. Don't mention the Navy to him, very sore subject
Carliatina:  "She's flight bright"

The Mage-Princes announced that they would have an answer shortly.

32nd of HepDec, 1135, Emron City
Lorano relays a message from the Council that that Emron will remain neutral.  He reminded them that they had not made a great impression when they had escorted the "The Mad Dwarf"  and how he forced a peace treaty upon them with Senzar.

The Trogs depart for Danaan

1st of HexDec, 1135, Republic of Danaan
The ambassadors reached the Republic of Danaan, a beautiful and warm country.

They met with the Diplomatic Committee of the Senate.  Zorin gave a speech pleading the Barthey cause and, like Barthey, they needed to await the committee's decision.

3rd of HexDec, 1135, Republic of Danaan
Zorin:  They are fools and apparently we are not very convincing.  of the 63 Senators, 29 Vote Yes to support Barthey, 30 vote No, and 3 abstain.  Those along the Argivian border abstain and one who didn't vote was the Speaker.  These people are idiots!

8th of HexDec, 1135, Royal Republic of Argivia
They then travelled to the adjacent Royal Republic of Argivia.  Their previous troubles in the back of their minds, they decided to schmooze with the senators and feel them out first (figure out which ones could be bribed). 

Zorin:  It goes fairly smoothly with the presentation, yet in spite of our bribes, only 3 of the 20 vote for us!  We'll cheer when these imbeciles are crushed by the Master. We leve for Marakeikos (home).

The Trogs could be divided into two style of diplomacy:  A group full of kindness and subtlety (Gwen) and a group of tactless aggression (Zorin).  Obviously Zorin's naivety about politics is not helping the Barthey cause.  Hopefully their adopted homeland can assist them better.

FYI:  Zorin didn't describe the Argivian Senators as imbeciles.  He used a term more akin to roosters using tobacco products.

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