Tuesday, June 21, 2016

(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Rule! #43: Prelude to More War

General Fonzy "The Fonz" Schlepprock - Hero of the Siege of Akorros.  In reality a 1st level Gnome Titan fighter with a silver tongue.
Zorin Redrock - Gnome Titan Fighter.  Veteran of the Barbarian Wars, and hero of Marakeikos due to the retaking of Frandor's Keep.
"Whitey"  - Albino Halfling Priest of Yondalla.   Zorin's sidekick.
Janus Redrock - Gnome Titan Priest of Pangrus.  Cousin of  Zorin Gnome Titan of loose morals and a hero of Marakeikos.
Cecelia Darkspruce - Half-Elf Fighter Cleric of Sif.   Her previous sorority girl-styled ways had been hardened by weeks travelling the dusty trails of the Northern Mer Kasp completely alone, desperately trying to get back to Celsior.
Terval Sit - Half-Elf Mage
Gwendalyn Lorax  - Half Elf Druid.  Her trials alone in Mer Kasp did not last as long as Cecelia, but they were equally intense and damaging to her psyche. 
Ramsa - Mute Halfling Fighter - Gwen's Protégé.
Tywuelyn - Pixie Fairy Infiltrator - Gwen's sidekick
Coreena Ruddledater- 9 year old halfling torchbearer.

17th of Hexdec, 1135, Mirros, Kingdom of Marakeikos
After a storming trip, the Trogs finally arrive in Mirros.  Their heavy cavalry had gotten ahead of them in the storm and had arrived two days prior.

The Trogs clean up and meet with the Seneschal, Alexis Korrigan, Princess Adrianna, the woman who would become Queen if her brother does not return by the end of the year, AND Yarbay emissaries of the Master.

Korrigan essentially says that Marakeikos must stay neutral, because he does not have the authority because he's not sovereign.

18th of Hexdec, 1135, Mirros
At a luncheon hosted for the diplomats by the Royal Family, members of the court tell the Trogs of some unsettling news of Vadevinscky desiring to leave the kingdom.  They decide to investigate rumors.  The Barthey 1st Expeditionary Force is left in Mirros.

21st of Hexdec, 1135, Celsior, Kingdom of Marakeikos.
The Trogs arrive in Celsior, clean up at their HQ, and request and audience with Baron Desmond.

Desmond suggested they offer territorial concessions for military aid (something they were not authorized to do), but personally supports Barthey.  He had heard no news to the north for days, which is very suspicious.  He recommended extreme caution.

24th of Hexdec, 1135
The Trogs left all the camp followers, save Tyweulyn, at HQ, and headed to Vadevincsky, avoiding all roads.  The closer they got to Vadevincsky, the more obvious that military maneuvers had taken place.

Next:  Episode #44:  The Destiny of  Barons

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