Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Podcasts Overfloweth...

It's that wonderful six months out of the year where I've been plugging in and tuning out the world.   As if my own recordings of "Eric Rambles About Stuff While Driving Home from Work" weren't enough for my gaming needs, I now have a plenty of podcasts for my listening pleasure.

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff - Truly the gold standard that I measure podcasts by.  Even their ramblings about Surrealist painters and Communism is ripe with ideas to pluck for my own games.  Plus, they brought back the Atlas ads for Murder of Crows and Mad Scientist University...

Miskatonic University Podcast - After some technical/scheduling difficulties, these fellas appear to be back on track.   They've begun to go over the 7th Edition of Call of Cthulhu, there's enough discussion and ideas to keep this 6th Edition Luddite happy.

After trying a few podcasts for Savage Worlds and finding many lacking, I'm reserved to hold onto The Savagecast.  Interesting discussion, both system and style-wise, that covers from the ever confusing world of being shaken, to the higher nuances of the new, setting-specific rules. 

Happy Jacks RPG Podcast - There's songs, there's beer, there's the same three or four style of letter repeated every episode, but the crew loves gaming, and loves to have fun gaming, so the advice is always solid. 

Fear the Boot:  Still getting a feel for this one, although the most recent episode on Mental Health Issues was top-notch.

RPGGamerDad Podcast:  This is my new addiction.  RPGGamerDad plays games with both adults and his son, RPGGamerBoy.  Episodes are short and sweet, and somehow he's managed to interview the likes of Kenneth Hite and Robin D Laws.  There's a sixty-episode back catalog before he went on hiatus last year.   I do hope he comes back one day. 

Wargaming Recon:  Wargaming in General from New England.  Everyone involved is relaxed and there's certainly no "One System to Rule Them All" the overwhelms other podcasts. 

Theodore Roosevelt:  An Autobiography:  A Libriovx recording by numerous persons.  I've read a physical copy of this book... twice, and didn't find it as long and laborious as the readers are making it.  On top of it, a few of the readings are rife with horrible mis-pronunciations, and other are spoken so slow that the only time TR spoke at such a lumbering pace was when he was half-comatose in the depths of the Brazilian wilderness.

The Nerdist:  Definitely not a fan of the interviews that I have little interest in, but those I do most certainly rock.  Not everyone goes in the directions you'd expect (see Jodie Foster and Anthony Mackie) and I've skipped the last two, but it's the next podcast I check on each Friday, after Ken and Robin. 

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