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(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Rule! #46: The Fate of Marakeikos

The following excerpt from the journals of the Burning Trogs covers the Vadevincsky Rebellion and the Siege.   It involves multiple military organizations of varying sizes, from company level up to brigade. 

The Armies of Marakeikos (division level to the martially inclined) will be designated in Roman numerals (MK I, MK IV, etc).  All other Marakeikan units will used traditional Arabic numbers (MK 17th, MK 22nd, etc).  

All Vadevincsky-allied units with be listed with Arabic numbers with numbers first (22nd VAD, 3rd VAD, etc.)

From the Journal of Zorin Redrock
13th of SeptDec, 1135 East of Celsior.
Zorin:  I send Gwendalyn and Tywuelyn ahead to see the positions of the enemy armies.  The Marakeikan (MK) 7th has been been completely routed. The  13th Vadevincsy (VAD) has half infantry and half light archer cavalry.  the 22nd VAD is comprised of humans and humanoids and seemingly came from nowhere.  There are some VAD sub-banners in the the unit.  Duke Desmond, directly commanding the MK 6th,  and the 21st VAD are still locked in battle two days north. 

We decide to loop around and hit the 13th VAD on their unanchored flank. 

We hit some trolls and Gwen kills five all by herself (!) and chases the rest up north. 

Soon our scouts start hitting theirs, so to keep the element of surprise, the Expeditionary Force charges straight into the 13th VAD. 

Terval aids with Glitterdust. 

They create some sort of wall which stops our charge, we get around it. 

By the end of the day,we learn the 13th VAD has humanoids, juggernauts, and at least one mage.  We kill several of the them, taking only minimal casualties .

We retreat to Celsior, and after identifying ourselves we are allowed in for the night.

14th of SeptDec, 1135 Celsior
We learn that the 22nd VAD has re-grouped to assault the town.  We start to put together some militia to supplement our cavalry.  There are 600 able-bodied men, many survivors from the MK 7th that refused to flee the area.

We spend the next few days training and preparing for the defense of the city.

Fonzie has boosted morale for Celsior.  Gwen and Janus create food, Tyweulyn is helping as messenger and I'm recruiting and training the new MK 7th along with General Bacares and the Expeditionary Force.

24th of SeptDec, 1135 Celsior - "SIEGE DAY"
When all is said and done, we dealt serious casualties to them (120 to 24).  The siege lasts a week thus far.  We get word that reinforcements are coming from Mirros, and should be here by next week.  the MK 7th holds out against the 22nd VAD.     The 7th is formally led by "Colonel" Mutumbo and "General" Cecelia Darkspruce.

36th of SeptDec, 1135 Celsior
Siege continues.  We kill more of them, they get weakened and somehow no one dies on our side. 

12th of OctDec, 1135, Celsior
The MK 7th drives out of Celsior and pushes the 22nd beyond the siege line. Still unsafe to leave, but foraging and raiding can commence.

24th of OctDec, 1135 Celsior
The MK I and II show up from Mirros, VAD withdraws entirely, heads back to Vadevincsy.
Over the next few days Duke Desmond returns triumphant and the MK I and II go to relieve the MK 6th.  The MK 7th formally becomes the Celsior garrison.  Mutumbo is offered an officer's commission. 

Marakeikos sends the MK I and MK II to mop up in Vadevincsy. and can by the end of NonDec plans to send four full armies to Barthey.

On the advice of Duke Desmond, the Queen assigns Cecelia as a royal attaché to the MK I.  Upon the pacification of the Barony, she will be named Governor-General of Vadevincsky and oversee the reconstruction of the territory, and oversee the trials of the conspirators.

1st of NonDec, 1135 Celsior
Gwen:  Terval decides he wants to stay in Celsior.  He wants to stay behind and build a lab.  First I loose Cecelia when she ran away from me, now Terval wants to leave me.  Why does everyone I  love want to leave me???  I want to stay with Terval, but Zorin says we should save the world.

 This is not where I expected the Trogs to finally turn into a well-organized, bad-ass organization, but it was as good as any other place.  Underestimating the enemy, and expecting the MK 6th and 7th to handle the attacking forces, if it were not for the Trogs, Celsior would have fallen, effectively dividing the kingdom in half.

If this is the high point for the group, en total, it's fitting that group splinters for the remainder of the campaign.  Players will drop in and out over the last few sessions, Zorin, Janus, Gwen, and Fonzy forming the base. 

I'm surprised that Cecelia's appointment is not mentioned anywhere in the journal proper.    I believe this time, Cecelia's player, Nate, had a late worknight on the weeknight everyone else could make it.    Terval will miss the next mission, and we will see one more bold appearance by our favorite Nubian.

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