Wednesday, July 20, 2016

(Mousling Fantasy) #1 Royal Escort Duty

For Princess Penelope of the Pink Pineapple Kingdom, life was not a happy one. She was a traditional princess through and through. She loved the dresses, the tiaras, and the royal balls so, but the idea of her father the King forcing her to travel to other kingdoms to find a husband was just gross. All these other princes, dukes, baron, and knights were too boring, too sloppy, too old for her!

The most recent travels to the neighboring Kingdom of Littleville netted no suitors, so it was time for their King's finest to safely escort her to the border of the Pink Pineapple Kingdom.

Local mouse, Singer, entertains the travelers.
Our troupe, as determine by Lady Maja, age 7.
Princess Penelope
Cappe (with sword and Cape)
Pink Mouse (with bow)
Mango and Tango ("Twins"  Sword and Buckler each)

As they neared the border, they could see a lone figure standing blocking their path.  Mango and Pink Mouse moved further to see Sir Acorn, Knight of Littleville, yet something about him was amiss.
"What do you want, Sir Acorn?" asked Mango?
"I want the Princess as my own, just give her to me and no one gets hurt!"
Needless to say, the guards refused Sir Acorn's demand....

Sir Acorn, aka Lord Arachnus
"And don't call me Sir Acorn any longer,"  said the Knight.  "From now on, call me Lord Arachnus!"
Out of the corner of his eye, Tango spied three giant spiders crossing a bridge, followed by the King's most trusted advisor, Wise Old Mouse!
What Treachery Was Afoot Here!
The Spiders quickly scrambled through the woods towards our heroes.  If not for skill and training (and Bennies) of Tango and Cappe, both would have met a quick demise from the arachnids and their venom.
The Princess ran as fast as her feet could carry her in a giant ballgown and high heels.  Pink Mouse tried to follow, but so she had to fall back with her bow when a spider cut off her path.  Mango took up the guard of the Princess, but he soon stood face-to-face with Sir Acorn, I mean, LORD ARACHNUS!  The little mouse's sword could barely scratch the knight's armor, and even when it found a narrow seam to strike true, the knight easily shook off the surprise wound.  
Mango escorting the Princess through the chaos
With Tango holding off the knight, it's twin Mango jumped into action, seized the Princess by the arm, and said the only comforting word it knew...

Mango and the Princess Dash Away, While Cappe Slays a Spider!
The Pink Mouse distracted the Spider and Wise Old Mouse attacking from the rear, and Cappe finally struck true on the one overbearing him. 
The Princess could see the native flora of her homeland, but her dainty steps allowed the last spider a chance to catch her and Tango. 
Tango valiantly threw himself in the way of the charging monster and could only utter a gasp of encouragement...
The Pink Pineapple Kingdom is in Sight!
Tango couldn't stop the spider for long and the Princess could feel its hairy legs come within inches of her high heels.  Just as she thought she could run no more, a volley of arrows from the woodsmen of both kingdoms came raining down onto the beast.  The Princess was safe in her kingdom... for now.

Wise Old Mouse turned tail and ran back across the bridge.  As he did, Sir Acorn fell to one knee and took off his helmet.  He was confused by the situation.  Was he drugged?  Was he enchanted?  He didn't want the Princess if she didn't feel likewise.  It must have been the Wise Old Mouse

Is the Wise Old Mouse the true Lord Arachanus?
Needless to say, with the help of his friends, Sir Acorn was back to his normal self.    Apparently Sir Acorn and Pink Mouse immediately fell in love at first sight and there was a need for a wedding.

Mango has a bit much to drink before the wedding.
And they lived happily ever after...
This game was the only one I managed to get off for HOME-storicon.  I had intended trying a dual game of this scenario, one with Savage Showdown, the other an attempt at A Song of Blades and Heroes, but Maja wasn't having at the activation rolls.

The only objective of the scenario is to get the Princess off the board in six turns.  As a mouse (Pace 4) in high heels and a gown (d4 running movement), that was quite a task.  At the beginning of turn 6, she was a 7.5 inches from freedom.

And Maja rolled 4 or her d4.  Dad loses again.  Then again, Dad didn't push the matter this time, it wouldn't make a good start of what I hope is a long story. 

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