Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Next Game: A Poll

Come Hell or high water, we're finishing Masks of Nylarathotep this summer.  While it hasn't overwhelmed the group, it is the elephant in the room anytime we talk about playing something else. While I'm so used to running games any option to get together would be great.

Hackmaster - The Burning Trogs Redux:  In a perfect world, this is the optimal choice for the next campaign.  The original Burning Trogs, twelve years later, seeking revenge on the slavers that captured some of their members.  After a few easy sessions to get back into Hackmaster's crunchiness and then things would escalate quickly.

Omni Fantasy:  Although Hackmaster is preferred, we are only going to getting together ten times a year, max.   I remember the follow-up Hackmaster campaign, circa 2006-7, and the lack on weekly continuity made the system lose some of its luster.  Omni is the same system used by Talislanta and Atlantis: Second Age.  Still d20 driven, looser spell system, and a skill system which benefits the game and is simple.   We would not be using the Burning Trogs campaign world with this.

Call of Cthulhu:  Seriously, the current campaign is nearly a decade in the making, real-time, and five years in-campaign.  Regardless of how Masks ends, running one-shots, mini-campaigns, or continuing with original story continues to generate interest, the system (6th) is simple enough. I do have a player or two that certainly need a pallette cleansing before diving back into BRP.

Spirit of '77:  I'll need to do some "research"  but an on-going 70's cop game, with a smattering of the other genres could suit the group, and help explain why some characters are missing for some "episodes."

Savage Rifts:  C'mon, this is the only RPG that I've had excitement about, well, since Spirit of '77, and before that it's been a looooong wait.  I have the PDF of the player's guide and after perusing one of my auction finds, I have a storyline that covers all the tropes I love about Rifts with a slightly different perspective.  

Toon:  Cthulhu Comes to Springfield -The Next Deep Space Nine Voyager Generation:  Bob brought up running the classic episodes, plus work on more new ones.

Gnome Wars - Tanga:  Bob did mention wargaming, and we still have the second half of this campaign to run, the Germans with the slightest of advantages.

Burning Plastic Playtesting:  With two games under my belt using the sci-fi rules in a more straight setting, I might as well spread some love to the others in the group.

Star Frontiers:  You read that right, freaking Star Frontiers.  It's in my file cabinet in my office and the Volturnus storyline begs to be played.

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