Saturday, January 27, 2018

Job Opening at Pop’s Culture Shoppe

I've had a massive rant over the state of the local game stores brewing for weeks, but I've just not been able to compose it in a practical manner.  In fact,every time I went to work on it, I'd get a paragraph or two done, and end up even angrier.

I was just about to post the entire incomplete and incoherent diatribe, when an e-mail alert distracted me:


Dear Eric,

POP’S is HIRING!  You may have heard that Ryan, our Magic the Gathering Coordinator who has been with us at Pop’s for the past three-and-a-half years, will soon be off on a new venture.  Congratulations to Ryan on taking this big step in his career!

If you may be interested in joining the Pop’s family, and helping Mom and Pop, here is what we are looking for:

Friendly Customer Service
                Assist customers in finding products
                Check-out customers at the register
                Teach or demonstrate games and products

List and fulfill web-orders
                Sort and inventory products
                Take, edit, and upload pictures
                Update and create listings
                Accurately pull products for internet orders
                Carefully package, weigh and prepare orders for shipping

Maintain the Pop’s environment
                Assist with family-friendly playroom events
                Clean (store, playroom, basement, outside)

Magic the Gathering (and other collectible games) Coordinator
                Schedule and execute events
                Use social media and print resources to advertise events
                Maintain singles, sealed, and supplies inventories

We expect to fill this position with one full-time or two part-time individuals at 20-25 hours each per week.  Hourly rates are negotiable based on experience, and varying hours are available, though some Saturdays or Evenings may be required.

Special note:  We are a game store with a family orientation so the environment is wonderful, but the job does not involve playing games.  It is a small retail operation.   We are looking for hard-working, responsible, trustworthy, accurate, detail-oriented candidates, with excellent computer, verbal, and written communication skills.  All employees and volunteers at Pop’s Culture Shoppe are also required to pass Child Abuse and Criminal Background Checks.

If you think you have what it takes to join our family here at Pop’s, interested candidates may contact us at 
info AT (edited by ViscountEric to prevent spam) , or stop by to pick up an application.

Thanks for your consideration, and feel free to share with other potential applicants as well,

Anja and Julian Stam

Why did I forward their job posting, besides the fact that the Stams are really nice people who run a quality organization?

Just so there's additional proof on the internet that there are such a thing as job duties and qualifications for a game store employee.

Ryan was their resident "Doctor Magic" who handled tournaments, web sales, and binders upon binders full of cards.  Remembering that when I left two game shops, the owners needed to replace me with two 30+ hour employees, I appreciate their foresight to recognize that Ryan's replacement(s) has considerable shoes to fill.

And the line, "All employees and volunteers at Pop’s Culture Shoppe are also required to pass Child Abuse and Criminal Background Checks," gave me an uneasy laugh, as there are far too many stores out there with staff that give men pause, much less women and children.  As expected , Pop's doesn't play games with the welfare of your family while their visiting the store.  It's surprising that's not the attitude everywhere.

Again, my wife is lucky to have snatched me off the market when she did, because if I was still a single dude living in Wellsboro, my resume would be polished up and to the store in a matter of seconds.  

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