Monday, June 27, 2011

ATKM Not at Historicon, but there's a sale!

My Saturday daytrip of GMing and window shopping at Historicon got a little bit shorter.

For whatever reason, All the King's Men (ATKM) will NOT be at Historicon this year. Let's just hope it's not family-related, or entirely focused on the financial inquities which is a convention at the VFCC.

Ken is usually one of my guaranteed stops at a con. I'm not dropping hundreds, but the dealers always like those guys who show up each con, buy a couple things, shoot the breeze, and most importantly, aren't THAT annoying. (Oh God, I hope he doesn't consider me one of the annoying ones....) He will be missed next weekend.

That being said, he is running a "No Historicon" sale!

Per TMP:

"Just mention Historicon or accuse us, "Hey, aren't you having a sale?" and you're eligible for a free skirmisher set of figures (six figures plus two command) after a $50 USD order


A free infantry set (twelve plus two) after a $100 USD order
Order minimums do not include the normal cost of the free set, or shipping.

Still not going to have the fundage to do a serious order, but it doesn't hurt to spread the good word. And remember, ATKM does AWI, 1812 and some nice Napoleonic stuff now.

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