Thursday, July 7, 2011

(Gnome Wars) Swiss Park Rangers Finished!

The first full pictures of the Swiss Park Rangers (SPR), complete with Bicycle Tank!

The Swiss Rangers of the Sacred Shrine of Chucaquatre

The SPR were imagined during the first game of our Wishing Well Campaign. It seemed to make more sense to have actual park rangers fight the German invasion, than engineers or a training company on work detail. Of course, this means the SPR would need to pack some serious firepower.

SPR are under the command of the Ministry of the Interior, charged with the care, maintenance, and protection of the numerous holy shrines. With thousands of gnomish pilgrims arriving every year, a simple ranger hat and four wheel drive would not cut it.

A typical SPR unit is prepared for three tasks: daily upkeep, crowd control, and first aid to injured visitors. Pickaxes/miners spend their days tending to campsites, building fences, and countering the wear and tear on inconsiderate pilgrims. Cheese Grenadiers are dispatched when campsite rentals are up, clearing them with Limburger goodness, if needed. Only during a significant brawl with the SPR arm themselves with rifles to dispatch the brouhaha.

In the event of massive crowds, the SPR Commander will authorize the use of a bicycle tank. The tank is still armed with a light machine gun, but budgetary constraints, and a desire to prevent civilians from using heavy weaponry limit its use. Each time the machine gun is used, a d6 is rolled. On a 1 the tank runs out of machine gun ammo for the remainder of the game.

Unlike the military models, the SPR Bicycle Tank is also equipped with a 360-degree turret with interchangeable weapons. The turret can fire either gas, buckshot, or solid shotgun ammo.

Gas Cannister: 13-24” 5+ to hit / 25-36" 6+ to hit /6+d6” deviation on a miss, ignores traditional cover modifiers.

When the canister explodes, it envelopes the area within a 6” radius. On turn two, it expands to 12” and one turn three 15”. Most gas dissipates at the end of six turns.

Shotgun (buckshot) 1-6” 4+ to hit / 7-12” 6+ to hit /
Those figure within are subject to an attack. Cover does effect this roll. Figures are subject to a blast area square six inches wide and twelve inches long.

Shotgun (solid) 1-12” 5+ to hit Targets one figue.

These weapons are not subject to the -1 movement penalty like the machine gun is.

Before the start of the game, the player must determine one type of round to fire from that gun. No other shots can be fired, unless precautions are made in the scenario to rearm at a safe location.

The Rangers depart to chase out those who missed the 10am checkout

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