Saturday, August 20, 2011

I've gotta get motivated...later

Ugh, it's been a rough couple of weeks at the Casa de Viscount. Two weeks of constant rain saps all of your motivation out of you. There are a million things to do before our annual Day of Sloth picnic, and I can't even find enough time to cut the grass in our yard, that varies between six inches and three foot high!

So, obviously, the minis aren't getting worked on. Which sucks, since we do have our final Longido Mountain campaign session next Sunday. If I can finish up the pack mules and at least put flesh tone on the purple Germans, the pics might look okay. Of course, if I can get some more confirmations besides Steve and Nichols I'd be joyous. Of yeah, it's in civilization for once (Easton) so anyone whose interested shoot me a message somehow.

With the ongoing poll, it looks as if the Bore Wars are going to be the winner. I have started a little light reading to familiarize myself with the actual Boer Wars. Like the Crimean War, if it doesn't have heavy US influence, it's not taught in schools.

After looking at a worthless series of wikipedia articles, I started reading an ebook of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Great Boer War. Let me just say one thing about anyone who tinkers in history during the late Victorian era: they are an amusing and enjoyable read. Perhaps not entirely historically accurate, but I've appreciated Teddy Roosevelt's writings in the same manner. For every nugget of information provided, there are two or three opinions and some biased analysis mixed in. Since I knew what I was getting myself into, it will be a quick read and I can look into more "scholarly" texts, if I ever get the time.

I've also snatched up a Mk I Assault Fiend for LOS,with shipping, for I think a dollar higher than retail price back in the 90's. That might be my painting project to jump start the rest of them. Fall-in! is coming pretty fast, and I never know if/when I'm going to receive the new figs from Brigade.

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