Thursday, August 11, 2011

(Polls) What should the next campaign be?

I know, I know, we're barely done witht the first HALF of Tanga, but a man needs to plan, and a man needs a cool poll up on his blog, to boot!

These are my choices to fool around with once Tanga is finished

  1. Rommel's Route to Verdun: Before he was famous Field Marshall in World War II, Rommel was a lowly Lieutenant, leadin troops in World War I. I have campaign book covering all his engagements as his unit moved towards Verdun. It would require a lot of conversion, but any western front fighting without trenches is fun in my book.

  2. Chicka Zulu - Before Tanga, there were the Zulu Wars in Africa. My Zulus would be teddy bears and easter chicks, but it's better than making/painting hordes of African gnomes. I have a scenario book with 11 battles, and terrain is a breeze (albeit a bit Easter-themed for obvious reasons).

  3. The Bore Wars - Mr. Michael Lung who wrote an interesting (and punny) take on the Boer Wars between the Boer Settlers and now Germans. It allowed for the Swiss (garden gnome) figures to be used and justified the use of just about any other nationality I was even pondering purchasing.

  4. Swiss Alpine Fighting: The Wishing Well Campaign had the evil Germans on the doorstep of the Swiss mountains, prepping over the winter for a full-scale invasion. This campaign would involved lots of mountain fighting, but also plenty of machine guns, artillery, and TANKS!

  5. Just play some silly games, fool! We could just go back to throwing some terrain on the table, grabbing some units, and playing. Or I could use this to ponder "kid-themed" games, like a battle for Candyland. Those Gumdrop Mountains might taste great, but they're a pain to march over.

  6. "Real" Tanga- Or I can just prep to play the Battle of Tanga with real figs, not gnomes. I could acquire the figures and refight the battles to the specs in the scenario guide. I do have some desire to collect some European colonial forces, and the expense wouldn't be more than me picking up another two units of gnomes over the next year. Plus I have all the terrain and scenery already made!.

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