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(Fall-in!) 2012 PEL is up!

The air is getting crisper, the leaves are just changing colors, little pumpkins are for sale beside every cash register imaginable, It's almost time for Fall-In!
This year, Fall-In! Is November 2-4 in Lancaster.  There's a whole new con staff, so getting their feet wet has resulted in a few faceplants into the water.  Outside of that, they've done an admirable job.

Some of the events that caught my eye...

F-217 - The Struggle for Omaruru (German South-West Africa,1904)
Fri. 2:00:00 PM, 4hrs, 6 players
GM:Roy Jones
Colonial 25mm, Rules: TheSword and the Flame

The Hereros hold the German garrison town of Omaruru; the Kaiser wants it back! But Hereroriflemen are defending in depth from stone fieldworks and strong points, with their usual courage and skill. A tough job awaits Hauptmann Franke's elite 2nd Feldkompagnie. From the scenario book "The Herero War". More

African skirmishes have turned into one of my weaknesses, even though I've never played this one.

F-210 - 21st century Russian Civil War
Fri. 3:00:00 PM, 2hrs, 6 players
GM:Ben Fornshell with Del Stover and Wednesday Night Gamers of Alexandria
Modern 6mm, Rules: TBS

Terrorists take control of a small cluster of nuclear silos in Russia and are on the verge of starting a full scale nuclear war with the U.S.  Operating below the RADAR the U.S. races into eliminate the terrorists, but duped Russian forces receive orders to stop the invasion!

F-263 - Carnage and Glory: Fort Ticonderoga 1758
Fri. 6:00:00 PM, 2hrs, 12 players
GM:Frank Luberti and Connecticut Game Club
Sponsor: New York Wargamers Association, Prize: gift certificate
Age of Reason 28mm, Rules: Carnage and Glory II

Session 1: July, 1758. The British move against the French. Will the Fort be known as Ticonderogaor Carillon?  Regimental level game based upon actual events with a GM who walked the battlefield and observed there-enactment from Montcalm's position. Novices, children with adults, rules lawyers and GMs looking for revenge welcome.  CGC and NYWA members, familyand friends always welcome.  Rulestaught.
Kid Friendly Game.  Adult must be present with child.  Parent/Child teams encouraged

F-126 - The Battleof Guam-1914
Fri. 7:00:00 PM, 5hrs, 16 players
GM:Tim Niesen with Mitch King
WWI , Rules: Seekrieg V

The Year 1913 started the Japanese-American War. A Americanforce lead by two Wyoming classs super-dreadnaughts and two Virginia pre-dreadnaughts attack a Japanese convoy protected by large force of pre-dreadnaughts, semi-dreadnaughts, and light battlecruisers. Mitch King's new software will highlight this epic battle! If not enough participants show, a battle between armored cruisers will be held.
Complex game not recommended for children. Adult must be present with child

F-270 - Russo-Japanese Naval
Fri. 8:00:00 PM, 3hrs, 8 players
GM:Steve Robinson and Woodbridge Area GamerS(WAGS)
Sponsor: Merrimack The Old Glory ship yard, Prize: Gift Certificate
WWI 1:600, Rules: GrandFleet

For all those period enthusiasts, this is a hypothetical naval engagement in the Yellow Sea to introduce fellow wargamers to the fun of gaming the period.  A Russian Battleship squadron is on the huntfor revenge of the torpedo attack on the Port Arthur.  However, the Japanese fleet is ready to give battle.  Can this battle change the course of history?This game is featuring 1/600 scale Russo-Japanese ships produced by Old Glory Shipyards.
Beginners Welcome

S-320 - Rorke's Picnic
Sat. 11:00:00 AM, 2hrs, 7 players
GM:Jim Reynolds and WNPG
Sponsor: Eureka,Prize: Bears0
Age of Reason 28mm, Rules: TeddyBear Picnic

It is picnic time for the 24th Bear Foot, but visitors have rudely interrupted their picnic.  Will the boys have their picnic or will the Zulu bears ruin tea time?  Come play these award winning rules designed just for children. (Parents welcome to play.)

S-306 - Gnome Wars: The Doomed Legion
Sat. 12:00:00 PM, 4hrs, 8 players
GM:Jim Stanton with Steve Stanton and The Stout Gnomes
Sponsor: Brigade Games
Fantasy 28mm, Rules: GnomeWars

Lucky Lon has mustered all of his demons, zombies, and skeletal warriors and The Army of the Dead is marching on the tranquil town of Regensburg, a port on the banks of the Regen River.Will enemies become allies and join forces to save gnomekind, or will some nationalities take advantage of this opportunity to knock out a foe?

Sad news.  As of right now, Jim is not attending, so this event is probably cancelled.

S-298 - Win or Lose a War in an Afternoon" - Jutland, 31 May 1916
Sat. 1:00:00 PM, 6hrs, 8 players
GM:Bruce Potter with Mike Fatovic
WWI Other, Rules: AvalonHill Jutland, Tournament Version

he High Seas Fleet has slipped anchor and threatens the blockade. Can the Grand Fleet find it and bring on the decisive battle of the war?  Will Jellicoe be able to concentrate his overwhelming power? Will Sheer be able to trap and defeat apart of the Grand Fleet? Double-blind task force map plotting including U-Boats and Zeppelins. Search for your foe and engage with miniatures on the tabletop.
GMs will assist and mentor players but familiarity with AH Jutland rules would be helpful.

S-244 - Jutland-the second team, August 6, 1914
Sat. 1:00:00 PM, 5hrs, 20 players
GM:Dave Emdee
WWI 1:1200, Rules: Victoryat Sea
 What if the german navy come out on the first day ofWW1.  This is part 3 of 4 parts (parts 1and 4 played at Historicon 2012).  Thisevent will see the early dreadnoughts pound each other in a grand fleetaction.  Bellerophons, St. Vincentsagainst Westfalens and Helgolands.
rules taught (approx 3minutes)

Two events, same session.   One is overtly complicated, the other requires three minutes to explain to rules.  Hmmmm

S-109 - BOLT ACTION Demonstration presented by WWPD
Sat. 1:00:00 PM, 2hrs, 4 players
GM:Judson MacCaull with Dano Colon and W.W.P.D.podcast
WWII 28mm, Rules: BoltAction
 An introduction to BOLT ACTION, the 28mm WWII miniature battle game by Warlord Games and Osprey. Spectators are encouraged!
Ages 13+

S-186 - Civil War Playtest
Sat. 5:00:00 PM, 4hrs, 6 players
GM:Jake Strangeway and Test of Battle Games
American Civil War 28mm, Rules: Men Under Fire
 No description provided

S-130 - Do the Bash, Do the Monster Bash
Sat. 6:00:00 PM, 5hrs, 12 players
GM:John Rigley
Sponsor: Eureka Miniatures, Prize: unspecified
19th Century 25mm, Rules: HomeRules
It's midnight and theirs a full Moon. So grab your Pitchforks and torches , and get ready to defend your town.  Theirs no telling what kind of Creature  will come crawing out of the dark of night. So stock up on the sivler and wooden stakes. Because that bump you hear in the night will eat you!
Adult must be presentwith child

S-252 - Battle of Yalu River
Sat. 7:00:00 PM, 3hrs, 8 players
GM:Brian DeWitt and NOVAG
19th Century 1:2400, Rules: WhenDreadnoughts Ruled the Seas

Refight the largest naval battle of the First Sino-JapaneseWar which occurred September 17, 1894 . The Japanese fleet is attempting to disrupt the landing of Chinese troops.  The Chinese fleet attacked in an unconventional line-a-breast formation.  Historically the battle lasted most of the day.  No previous experience with the rules required.

S-249 - Rescuing General Gordon
Sat. 7:00:00 PM, 4hrs, 6 players
GM:Bob & Cleo Liebl with Cleo Liebl and FirstFriday Gamers
Sponsor: The Cookieman, Prize: Cookies of course!
Colonial 28mm, Rules: Swordand the Flame

General Gordon is trapped in Khartoum. It's up to you to invade the Sudan, conquer their forces, and free Gordon.  Or, it's up to you to defend the Sudan  and route the invader.  Who's the good guys?  Why your side, of course.  Determine the fate of the Sudan with Bob& Cleo Liebl.
Cherubs less than 15 require an adult.

S-218 - Rorke's Drift
Sat. 7:00:00 PM, 3hrs, 6 players
GM:Bill Molyneaux and Gettysburg Gamers
Colonial 15mm, Rules: Home/Mix

Rorke's drift with area movement system one page of rules...very fast to play hard to master..this game is a lot of fun if you are not looking for detail in a game but just roll the dice and take the compound  as the Zulus. If you decide to be the British you have a lot to worry about the hospital...even Pip the dog will be there.

S-307 - Chechen Ambush, November 17, 2004
Sat. 7:00:00 PM, 4hrs, 6 players
GM:Mike Pierce
Modern 15mm, Rules: Forceon Force

After a week if fighting, the Marines of 3/1 moved into the Queens District in Fallujah.  Waiting inambush were foreign fighters, the so-called Wolves of Islam, highly experienced Chechen veterans of the battles in Grozny.  Their mission was to die fighting forAllah.  The Marines mission was to helpthem achieve that goal.
Adult must be presentwith child.

S-308 - Hitting First - Afghanistan 2011
Sat. 7:00:00 PM, 4hrs, 6 players
GM:Michael Byrne with Patrick Byrne
Modern 28mm, Rules: Forceon Force

The Taliban have re-emerged in Helmand Province.  Intelligence reports confirm a village is being used as a Taliban logistics site. A combined arms USMC task force is being sent to clear the Taliban from the village.  Will the Taliban stay and fight?  If so can the Marines take the village? for more info.

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